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BBC DVD's box set of THE QUATERMASS COLLECTION- I am offering a shrink-wrapped Region 2 (former Western Europe, most of Middle East, Japan & South Africa) & 4 (Australia, Latin America) PAL three-DVD boxed set called THE QUATERMASS COLLECTION, featuring writer Nigel Kneale's three BBC-TV shot-on-b&w-video SF serials featuring Prof. Bernard Quatermass (best known outside England from the 1967 Hammer film FIVE MILLION YEARS TO EARTH, aka QUATERMASS & THE PIT). (NOTE: You will need a DVD Region-free player or computer software to view this outside of Region 2 or 4.) Bidding begins at US$30.

Box art for 1979 ITV Miniseries QUATERMASS aka THE QUATERMASS CONCLUSOIN- I am offering a shrink-wrapped All-Region PAL three-DVD set of writer Nigel Kneale's QUATERMASS, starring Sir John Mills as Prof. Quatermass and Simon MacCorkindale (RELIC HUNTER, COUNTERSTRIKE, MANIMAL - yeah, that MANIMAL). It consists of the four-hour ITV miniseries, the 102-minute "International Movie Edition" THE QUATERMASS CONCLUSION, and a disc of Special Features. (NOTE: You will need a NTSC/PAL DVD player or computer software to view this if you live in North America, Japan, South Korea, France, Russia or the Middle East.) Bidding begins at US$15.

- In case you don't already have one, I am offering a unboxed Yamakawa All-Region, NTSC/PAL DVD player. I used it briefly and can confirm it works on virtually any standard-definition DVD from anyplace on Earth - the only reason I'm not still using it is because I got an upconverting model for my HDTV. It comes with a remote control and printout of instructions. Bidding begins at US$65.

Though very different in tone from the popular long-running DOCTOR WHO series, the QUATERMASS television serials are an equally important part of British televised SF. Serious, thought-provoking SF drama with an often fantastical element, these videos are highly recommended for those who like intelligent SF as opposed to "Sci-Fi".

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